Commercial Facilities

POOLPARTY is a great opportunity for water parks, hotels and casinos. We provide special solutions for all these commercial facilities. Our PoolParty Furniture makes it easy for guests to relax and to spend their leisure time in water without being completely wet and as well as it brings extra revenues for resort owners.

Water Parks, Hotels and Casinos

It is a great opportunity for water park, hotel and/or casino owners to earn special revenues just by letting their guests/customers to spend some relax time in their shallow pool areas with wait staff and/or cocktail bar. And using our PoolParty furniture (Specially the Raft) in the pool, guests can easily sit, eat, drink, do party and spend good time with their friends and/or family in the pool like never before.
You know, there’s nothing like the comfort of warm water, bright hot sunshine and a cold beverage all while comfortably spending the day on vacation having a PoolParty!

Resort owners can easily charge $50 or $75 or more for a day and/or by morning and afternoon session from guests and they will be more than happy to pay for their relax time in the pool using the comfortable PoolParty Raft.

At the end of the day, staff can remove the “Raft” units from the water set them up alongside the pool and use them as bar-height cocktail tables and dining sets.

The PoolParty “Raft” will bring adult comfort and enjoyment to your water facilities. No Matter the occasion, the fact remains that these “Rafts” are so comfortable that people will want to stay with them all day. With the advantage of the partial covering of the Mesh Umbrellas, Moms and Dads will be able to stay in the water relaxed and tanning. And yet keep a close eye on their children all day long-comfortably! How great is that? The kids get to play, and the adults get to relax and recreate all in the same area!

Maintaining a Clean Pool Area

People are generally aware of where they are. A notice can affixed to the top of the table or wherever possible reminding guests to be careful with their food and beverages. Even though, pool cannot be completely saved from the disposal of food wastage or beverages.

But you can solve your Pools’ potential spillage problem and increase the profitability of your Pool Bar area at the same time. People are going to carry beverages to the pools, they go together. Why not increase the profitability and preserve the water quality of your water Park Bar and restaurant area of the pool at the same time?
clean-water“Tervis Tumbler” manufactures custom designed classy polycarbonate drink tumblers monogrammed complete with your Hotel/Resort Logos emblazoned on the front. For no charge they will add an American Flag on the back. Promote and fix a price for sale on the first drink for the tumbler, refill them at an extra charge for the course of their stay, and when they take them home and re-use them, they will have a lifetime reminder of what a great time they had at your Hotel/Water Park (and Golf Course; of course), every time they find themselves doing something they enjoy making a drink. The insulated tumblers are lifetime guaranteed polycarbonate, and come with a sealable cap and straw that makes it virtually impossible to spill anything. The Hotel profits on the sale of the glass, the reduction in bar-ware plastic, and on the potential of a return trip all brought to you through the courtesy of Tervis Tumblers!

The Table Tops are built to take the moisture, and guests can expect that the table tops will get wet, so Resorts may want to gear up with plastic serving trays or some other type of serving means to keep the food separated from the tabletops and ultimately out of the water. Splashing will occasionally happen but after all, you are in a Pool!

Here are just some ideas to improve your customers experience:

  • During adults only time, place POOLPARTY into the pool for some extra guest comfort and relaxation.
  • Introduce wait-staff into the pool to serve your customers. This is sure to bring new life to your pool facility.
  • Offer POOLPARTY sets for reserved rental in your pool, allowing those customer who choose to have some of the best seats in the house.

PoolParty furniture pieces are movable, lightweight and can be placed into the water or removed daily with a minimum of effort. Pools still need to be cleaned, and decals can be added to the tabletops asking guests to please be careful with foods and drinks. With a little care, and an attentive hand towel available with wait staff, these areas can easily be kept clean and useful. Beverages will stay on the top of these tables, and at a 42” height, the table should be high enough to accommodate the shallow water depth of most commercial pools. Your logo can be also be applied to the umbrellas and table tops. (Call for Details)

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People love us,because…

The PoolParty does exactly what the Manufacturer said that it would do. It gets the adults back into the water! And I mean any water, My wife wouldn’t go into the water, hated the feeling of being wet, in and out all day, now I can’t keep her out of the water, we can sit down, have our food and beverages and stay in the water as long as we want! COMFORTABLY!
The slogan they use: “Party in the Pool!” Hell no, “Party in the Lake! We use it at our cabin! The PoolParty is fabulous! No body of water should be without one!
-Dan G (St. Paul, MN)

Never have I experienced comfort like this in my life; it has turned my pool into an adult recreation center! One thing though, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and rinse it off when you take it out of Salt Water Pools, it can sit in there for days without a problem, but once the aluminum/salt is exposed to the air, you need to rinse it off, just like you would your car! What an idea, and what fun it is to sit out there in the sun and just relax! Fabulous!

-Dan F (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Return Policy: Within 30 days if for any reason you are not satisfied with the PoolParty Set, please contact Poolparty at 1-877-376-POOL for a return authorization. Product must be dismantled and returned in the original boxes. Poolparty Inc. will arrange for a pick-up of the return. A credit for the set will be posted once we have proof that the return has been shipped.