Our Guarantee

PoolParty has such confidence in our product that we guarantee that when you use our product, used exclusively with our Patent-Pending Foot-pads according to the manufacturers’ specifications, our product; will not damage your pool, or pool liner, or we will repair it, or replace the liner at our cost, subject of course to the Pool Manufacturer useful life or Liner Warranties.Patent protected footpads are the key to the success of this product. The Foot-Pads are designed to limit the pressure applied to the surface area of the pool. The Foot-pads must be installed and present at all times the PoolParty set is in the water. The pads are required to be on the set at all times! The PoolParty has been designed to significantly increase the enjoyment of your pool, by also providing you peace of mind; we believe you can fully enjoy our product. The moment you place the PoolParty in the water, you will understand our faith in this product.

Vinyl Liner Friendly

Our foot pad is designed to prevent any floor damages. It is fully vinyl lined, concrete, fiberglass and all other floor friendly. Even, applying much body pressure on any chair or table affixed with our pad, can not damage the floor.

Non-slippery And Lightweight

The technology of the foot pad makes the chair and table non-slippery. It is also lightweight and can easily be moved.

30 Days Money Back

If you are not completely satisfied when you open it and set up your set; repack it and return it in the original shipping boxes, and we will refund your purchase price!

No Factory Defects For 2 Years

We assure you to enjoy your party every day without worrying to buy new furnitures. We give you the Guarantee that there will be No Factory Defects For 2 Years so you enjoy your life.

Care Instruction

To best prolong the use and beauty of your PoolParty Patio Set, please follow these common sense precautions:
Examine the foot-pads on a regular basis to see that they do not pick up rocks or other debris that might come in contact with your pool floor.

Remove the PoolParty from the water at the end of use, and lightly rinse to remove any pool chemicals or chlorine from the furniture. Store in protected or out of the weather areas or cover during extended periods of non-use.

Prolonged Water Exposure and Damage:
The PoolParty is designed to be used in the water. However, prolonged submersion (weeks or months at a time) will result in damage to painted surface areas of the furniture; i.e. blistering and clipping. While the powder-coated surface is extremely resistant to weather and water damage, like all metal surfaces, it is impervious and cannot sustain itself against surface damage due to prolonged submersion. Prolonged exposure to chlorine and salt will ultimately damage the painted surface, and void the warranty! You wouldn’t park your car in the ocean, please don’t park your PoolParty Set in your pool!

Please remove it from the water following periods of use, rinse it off, let it dry out and give it a rest. You may even want to apply a coat of wax occasionally to help seal the paint. Give your set a little TLC and it should give you years of enjoyment!

Warning: PoolParty is not designed specifically for above ground pools, or pool with expressly sand bottoms, and the manufacturer will not be held liable for puncture or damage to those surfaces. It is only and fully warranted to be used in swimming pools with hard bottom, concrete or tile floors, pools built in conjunction with a liner, sealer on concrete, tile surfaces, and/or fiberglass pools. Parents should always keep an eye on their kids for any unexpected accidents.

IMPORTANT: Parents should monitor children’s play carefully in the water, the equipment was designed for adult use. Also, the furniture is not attached to the pool floor, so diving from or onto the equipment should not be allowed. POOLPARTY sets are not diving platforms!

To best prolong the use and beauty of your POOLPARTY Pool Patio Set please follow these common-sense suggestions:

1. Remove the POOLPARTY pieces from the pool at the end of use, just as you would any toy or other equipment used in the pool.

2. Rinse with fresh water to remove chlorine and chemicals, and if possible, store in protected or out of the weather areas, or cover during extended periods of non-use (i.e. winter, and extended vacations).

3. Replace the Patented POOLPARTY footpads on a bi-annual basis. The Foot-Pads are subject to mild pool chemical deterioration over time. POOLPARTY guarantees these pads for two full years from the date of purchase, but beyond that pads should be replaced and then replaced every two years. These replacement Foot-Pads can be easily ordered here.

Warning Notice:

Pool furniture can be used in above ground pools. You must order the 3.5” foot pads for your pool furniture set in order to be fully warranted for damages. It is only and fully warranted to be used in swimming pools with hard bottom-concrete and /or tile floors, pools built in conjunction with a liner, sealer on concrete-tile surfaces, and/or fiberglass pools.

IMPORTANT – Parents should monitor children’s play carefully in the water, the equipment was designed for adult use and child safety should be carefully monitored. Also, because the furniture is not attached to the pool floor, no diving from or onto the equipment should be allowed. The equipment was not built to take a person standing on the table or chairs and diving into the pool. PoolParty sets are not diving platforms!

Return Policy

PoolParty Inc. guarantees that you will be delighted with our In-Pool Patio Furniture, and will accept and process all returns made within 30 days of purchase at its corporate offices located at 980 Lone Oak Rd. #102B, Eagan, MN 55121, providing the PoolParty Furniture is returned in the original packing containers, and all parts, pieces, and instructions have been repackaged and returned undamaged to our facilities. We Warrantee the furniture to be free of material or workmanship defects for a period of two years from purchase. Should the consumer need to return any piece for repair or replacement during that two year period, the consumer should call the number in our contact directory, and/or email our company for instructions. Upon verification of the problem, PoolParty Inc. may at our discretion and for consumer expediency send out replacement pieces of furniture, and the consumer may then remail back the problem pieces at their earliest convenience. We may ask for additional credit information at that time in order to assure the return of the articles.


Pool Party, Inc. products are warranted against factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years, unless otherwise noted, from the date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period, Pool Party, Inc. will repair or, at its option, replace at no cost to you; parts, labor, or/or materials to replace damaged furniture or return transportation provided the unit is returned, shipped prepaid to Pool Party, Inc., 980 Lone Oak Road, suite #102, Eagan, MN 55121. This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than factory trained personnel.

Except as otherwise expressly stated in this previous paragraph, the COMPANY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT. Company shall not be liable for, and purchaser assumes responsibility for, any or all personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession or use of this product by Purchaser or others who obtain it through purchaser.

People love us,because…

The PoolParty does exactly what the Manufacturer said that it would do. It gets the adults back into the water! And I mean any water, My wife wouldn’t go into the water, hated the feeling of being wet, in and out all day, now I can’t keep her out of the water, we can sit down, have our food and beverages and stay in the water as long as we want! COMFORTABLY!
The slogan they use: “Party in the Pool!” Hell no, “Party in the Lake! We use it at our cabin! The PoolParty is fabulous! No body of water should be without one!
-Dan G (St. Paul, MN)

Never have I experienced comfort like this in my life; it has turned my pool into an adult recreation center! One thing though, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and rinse it off when you take it out of Salt Water Pools, it can sit in there for days without a problem, but once the aluminum/salt is exposed to the air, you need to rinse it off, just like you would your car! What an idea, and what fun it is to sit out there in the sun and just relax! Fabulous!

-Dan F (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Return Policy: Within 30 days if for any reason you are not satisfied with the PoolParty Set, please contact Poolparty at 1-877-376-POOL for a return authorization. Product must be dismantled and returned in the original boxes. Poolparty Inc. will arrange for a pick-up of the return. A credit for the set will be posted once we have proof that the return has been shipped.