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Foot Pad

Our foot pad is designed to softens the contact point between the tubular aluminum furniture and the vinyl lined floor. It makes the table or chair suitable for any vinyl lined floor and even for concrete, tile or fiberglass.

The technology that has been built into the pad at the contact point where the pad is affixed to the chair/table leg makes it nearly impossible for any body weight applied to that chair to push through the pad and apply enough pressure to and thereby damage the pool floor, no matter who is sitting on it! Even, it makes the table and chair non-slippery.


Table (Single)

Just looking for an in-pool table? Keep the beverage containers off the edge of your pool to avoid being knocked over from bystanders.


Chair (with foot pad)

Chairs are designed to slip comfortably up to and under the table with the seat height set at thirty inches (30). The armrests are designed to comfortably extend out of the water, enabling you to keep your arms and hands dry, enjoy beverages, snacks and conversation all while being partially immersed in the water! This allows you to sit in the warm water, yet your arms are free and dry above. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you remain, especially on the hottest summer days! It’s truly pool comfort that can beat the heat!

People love us,because…

The PoolParty does exactly what the Manufacturer said that it would do. It gets the adults back into the water! And I mean any water, My wife wouldn’t go into the water, hated the feeling of being wet, in and out all day, now I can’t keep her out of the water, we can sit down, have our food and beverages and stay in the water as long as we want! COMFORTABLY!
The slogan they use: “Party in the Pool!” Hell no, “Party in the Lake! We use it at our cabin! The PoolParty is fabulous! No body of water should be without one!
-Dan G (St. Paul, MN)

Never have I experienced comfort like this in my life; it has turned my pool into an adult recreation center! One thing though, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and rinse it off when you take it out of Salt Water Pools, it can sit in there for days without a problem, but once the aluminum/salt is exposed to the air, you need to rinse it off, just like you would your car! What an idea, and what fun it is to sit out there in the sun and just relax! Fabulous!

-Dan F (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Return Policy: Within 30 days if for any reason you are not satisfied with the PoolParty Set, please contact Poolparty at 1-877-376-POOL for a return authorization. Product must be dismantled and returned in the original boxes. Poolparty Inc. will arrange for a pick-up of the return. A credit for the set will be posted once we have proof that the return has been shipped.